Robotic Process Automation:
More efficient, fast and error-free office processes

With the transfer of a correctly defined process to Robot Isgucu(Robot Workforce), we can increase the performance of an employee by 5 times. Please check our website for details.

What is Robot Isgucu?

RPA ( Robotic Processs Automation / TR: Robotic Process Automation ) is defined as a capability (software and services) that allows you to take action to automate complex, rule-based work, in any IT application or website, as a person does.

In other words, thanks to RPA software, we can adapt complex automations to company processes. If an RPA robot is at work, it performs the tasks of logging in, running applications, entering data, making complex calculations and logging out just like humans do.


For information and demo:

Our services


We analyze your operation processes and analyze what stages robots can do.


According to the report released after the analysis, we make the installations that will carry the processes to the robots step by step.


We ensure the tracking of working robots and analysis for new robots.

Why use Robot Isgucu?

Save time and cost

Increase productivity

Increase service quality

Ensuring data security

Fast setup, fast turnaround


Technologies we use:


Are you ready for the new order?

Companies abroad are growing rapidly by incorporating Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology into their operations.

Let's talk about how we can progress together and how we can benefit you.